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Emerging Leaders Initiative of Utah to Host First Emerging Leaders Summit at The Grand America

The summit will host the largest gathering of Utah’s future leaders, featuring distinguished speakers, hotly debated issues, and valuable networking opportunities

SALT LAKE CITY, UT -– November 18, 2019 – Emerging Leaders Initiative of Utah, the state's only organization dedicated to engaging young people in the political process, will host its first Emerging Leaders Summit on January 6, 2020. The summit will be held at The Grand America, in Salt Lake City, Utah. For registration, agenda and a complete list of sponsors and exhibitors, visit the event website here.

The event will bring together young professionals, business leaders, government officials, and decisionmakers to explore the issues that matter the most to young Utahns. Utah's notable success as an economic leader is in large part due to the state’s young and dynamic workforce. Nearly one in four Utahns is a millennial, and with a median age of just 30.2, Utah is by far the youngest state in the nation.

“We feel that it is necessary to provide Utah’s young leaders a knowledge-packed, quality forum to network and learn more about the issues that impact them,” said ELI Utah Chair Kelsey Price. “Our goal is to increase participation of our generation and future generations in policy debates. We need younger voices to speak up, to vote, to run for office, and to engage their government. With the involvement of bright and innovative minds in our generation, government decisions will be more deliberative and meaningful.”

The Emerging Leaders Summit is the only forum that will discuss policy issues that pertain to Utah's largest demographic and often misunderstood generations. Speakers and panels will engage in discussions around topics, such as affordable housing, air quality and building the talent pipeline, that directly impact Utah's younger generations. The summit will create an invaluable discussion on how young Utahns will shape Utah's political, cultural, and economic future. A lineup of speakers will be announced in the weeks ahead.

“The summit will provide an excellent opportunity for government and business leaders to engage with young movers and shakers from across the state,” said ELI Board Member Gavin Mathis. “Utah is facing a number of challenges that the next generation of leaders will have to solve so we want to help them develop the connections and skills to have an impact in their local communities.”

Tickets for the event are now on sale here. Early bird registrants can use the promo code Empower2020 for $10 off the ticket price.

Businesses, organizations, and community leaders interested in sponsoring the summit should email

About Emerging Leaders Initiative of Utah

The Emerging Leaders Initiative (ELI) of Utah aims to elevate the voice and impact of young Utahns (ages 18-35) in their local, state and national governments. ELI is built on the principle that effectively mentoring current and future generations of “emerging leaders” can improve Utah's communities and quality of life. By creating a space for collaborative mentorship and communication between current and emerging leaders, ELI seeks to empower the young leaders, shakers and doers across the state to join in policy discussions and help shape Utah's political, cultural, and economic future.