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July Open Board Positions

· Lead by Serving

The Salt Lake County (SLCO) Mayor’s Office is currently seeking applicants for the SLCO Boards and Commissions listed below.

Interested applicants can reach Anna Vukin-Chow at 385-468-7031 or Additional information and a link to an online application are available on the SLCO Boards and Commissions website:

Here at ELI, we are particular interested in seeing more young leaders (18 to 35-somethings). If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please pass the word along!
Additionally, if you do apply and receive a position, please let us know. ELI is working to more accurately track the number of young leaders serving across Utah.


Career Service Council

The Career Service Council (CSC) hears appeals of employees that were not resolved at lower levels regarding topics such as termination, suspension, demotion, transfer for disciplinary reason, evaluations, and extension of probation. It is a bipartisan board consisting of three full members; it is now looking for a new full member and two alternate members.

A candidate must be a U.S. Citizen, currently live in Salt Lake County, and have been a Salt Lake County resident for at least one year. Terms for full members last for 3 years, and terms for alternate members last for up to
1 year. The number of times per year that the CSC meets depends on how many cases are brought forward; in recent years, the CSC has met about 10 times per year. Alternate council members fill in when one or more full members are unable to attend; alternates may need to fill in 2-3 times during the year.
Council on Diversity Affairs
The Council on Diversity Affairs (CODA) serves as an advisory group to the Salt Lake County Mayor and a liaison between the various diverse communities and Salt Lake County. The Council’s work focuses on three areas: Inform and educate the diverse communities regarding county programs and services; be the eyes and ears of various diverse communities in order to identify and understand areas of needed improvement and help bridge gaps; and be an advocate and catalyst for systematic, institutional change within Salt Lake County government and provide needed recommendations.
The Council is looking for members to serve on the Executive Board and on the 3 subcommittees. Terms last for 3 years, and the board meets monthly.

Dimple Dell Park Advisory Board
This advisory board makes recommendations regarding the planning, development, use, and protection of Dimple Dell Regional Park in Sandy. Terms last for 3 years, and the board meets monthly on the second Wednesday at the Dimple Dell Recreation Center.

Salt Lake County Bicycle Advisory Committee
The Salt Lake County Bicycle Advisory Committee (SLCBAC) promotes biking and walking as fun and healthy travel options for people of all ages and abilities. SLCBAC’s efforts help to advance the implementation of active transportation initiatives in Salt Lake County. Everyone is welcome to
apply, especially individuals living in the southwest area of Salt Lake County.

Terms last for 3 years, and the committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month.
Salt Lake County Fair – Family FarmFest – Advisory Board
The Salt Lake County Fair Board plans and hosts the Family Farm Fest, a re-imagined community event that focuses on families, youth, competition, and education. The board is looking for new members who are interested in participating in all aspects of planning and organizing a celebration of rural traditions in our urban community. Terms last for 3 years, and the board meets monthly.

Are you looking for individuals to serve on a local nonprofit or government board, commission, etc? We'd love to help connect you with emerging leaders interested in serving. Please contact our Executive Director and Chair, Kelsey Price, at