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Primary Election Day Guide

Happy Election Day! Due to COVID-19, today's election (Tuesday, June 30) will be unlike any other in state history.


Your voice matters! It's not too late to cast your ballot. 

Depending on what county you live in, Utahns who haven’t cast a ballot yet for the June 30 primary several options to still cast their ballot.

  1. Drive-thru voting. Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, Utah, Box Elder, Tooele and Iron counties are all offering drive-thru voting options.
  2. Mail your ballot. It MUST be postmarked by today, June 30. 
  3. Drop your ballot off at your county's ballot dropoff box(es).

Vote By Mail

Voters technically have until 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday to get their ballots postmarked, but don't wait until the last minute. If you drops your ballot in a mailbox at 7:50pm, your ballot is most likely not going to be postmarked until 11:00 p.m. or, possibly, even the next morning.

Rather than mailing your ballot on Election Day, dropping your ballot off at a DropBox location is the best way to ensure your ballot is valid.

Some counties, like Salt Lake County, offer prepaid postage on your ballot envelope, and other counties do not. Your ballot will include instructions that will tell you whether or not you need a stamp.


If your county does not offer prepaid postage and you cannot obtain a stamp, your county may offer drop box locations. To view drop box locations in your county, enter your address at this link. Another option is to place your ballot in the mail without postage, and the Postal Service will still deliver your ballot to your county clerk’s office

Ballot Dropoff

Counties may offer a secure ballot DropBox locations where ballots can be deposited 24/7 until 8:00 pm on Tuesday, June 30. Check your county's ballot dropoff location below.

*If you cannot find your ballot DropBox, contact your contact clerk for information/assistance*

Drive-Up Ballot Issuance Locations (Drive Thru Voting)

If you didn't receive a ballot earlier this month or if you’re an unaffiliated voter who now wants to participate in partisan races, you have an additional option to vote—if you live in selection counties.

Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, Utah, Box Elder, Tooele and Iron counties are all offering drive-thru voting options. The following rules below will apply to the Drive-Up Ballot Issuance/Replacement Locations:

  • Voter registration will not be conducted at Drive-Up Ballot Issuance/Replacement Locations.
  • Party affiliations cannot be changed from one party to another at these locations on Election Day.
  • Republican Primaries: Unaffiliated voters will be required to affiliate with the Republican Party to be issued a Republican Primary Ballot Packet.
  • Democratic Primaries: Occurring in some races districts Unaffiliated voters who reside within the two districts where primaries are occurring may be issued a Democratic Ballot Packet without affiliating, or they may choose to affiliate.
  • Non-Partisan Local School Board Primaries – Ballot packets will be issued to eligible voters who reside within the applicable districts.
  • Ballots issued at Drive-Up Locations cannot be mailed They will need to be deposited at a ballot drop box by 8:00 pm to be counted.

Got Questions?

Visit for all things related to Utah elections. 

You can also reach out the Emerging Leaders Initiative of Utah (ELI Utah) with any questions at or on our social media channels.