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Super Tuesday: Voter Info Guide

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Happy Super Tuesday, Utahns! Make sure you vote counts today. Read on to see where/how to vote, track your ballot or get the answers to other voting questions.

I haven't voted yet.

When are polling/voting locations open? Where do I go to vote? Vote Centers are open from 7:00 am - 8:00 pm. Find your polling place at vote.utah.govI have my vote-by-mail ballot, but have not sent it.   Ballots must be post-marked by Mar. 2. DO NOT put your ballot in the mail. 

Instead, you can drop it off at a vote center or ballot box. If you do go to a voting center, you do not need to wait in line. There will be a ballot drop box.

I do not have a vote-by-mail ballot. You may cast your vote at a Vote Center until 8pm.
  Which election can I vote in?

Political parties set rules on who can vote in their primary elections.

  • Democratic Party: all voters, regardless of party affiliation, may vote in its presidential primary election.
  • Republican Party: only voters affiliated with the Republican Party may vote in its presidential primary election.
Note: You can only vote in one party’s primary election.
  Can I change in my party affiliation when I go vote? 
  • I am a registered Republican or Democrat. The last day to change your party affiliation for the Presidential Primary Election was Monday, February 3, 2020. You can always change your affiliation after the primary election.
  • I am an unaffiliated voter. You may change your party affiliation at an Election Day voting location.

I already submitted my ballot.

How do I know my ballot was received? 

You can track your ballot at to make sure it was counted.

My candidate is no longer running for office.

What happens to my vote? Once a ballot is mailed in and cast then the vote is counted towards that candidate. You cannot vote again.

However, you vote still counts. County clerks still count ballots even for withdrawn candidates unless that person has formal paperwork withdrawing (most have not).

Will *insert name of your withdrawn candidate here* still be listed on my ballot if I haven't voted yet? Yes, unless a candidate submitted their paperwork to withdraw before the deadline to print ballots, they will be listed on your ballot. 
  Can I still vote for *insert name of your withdrawn candidate here* even though they are no longer running? Yes you can. 

For the Democratic Presidential Primary, candidates that have withdrawn can still win delegates. If a candidate—even if they announced they had withdrawn—earns at least 15% of the vote statewide or in a congressional district, they still earn a share of delegates proportional to the vote.

I still have questions.

Question not answered above? Visit for all things related to Utah elections. 
You can also reach out the Emerging Leaders Initiative of Utah (ELI Utah) with any questions at or on our social media channels.