• Boards, Commissions and Committees

    We need young movers and shakers to participate in policy discussions.

    Why join a board?


    Governing decisions are not just made during the legislative session. Private businesses and nonprofits, boards, commissions and committees are where critical community decisions are made, and are often where agendas are set and policies are constructed. Young leaders can also contribute to the civic process as volunteers on political campaigns. Active civic engagement and the representation of young leaders on boards and commissions is are significant mechanisms through which young professionals can--and should--participate in the governing process.


    To promote civic participation, ELI will:


    Increase accessibility and opportunity for young leaders to serve on public sector boards, commissions and committees.


    Connect young leaders to volunteer opportunities in government and in the community, including: candidates, organizations and initiatives.


    Provide quarterly trainings on how to make an impact through government service, including an annual legislative training for young advocates.



    Salt Lake County Boards and Commissions Openings

    Current November 2018

  • Ready to get Involved?

    Take our "Boards and Commissions Survey" so we can provide a recommendation on your behalf.

  • State of Utah Boards and Commissions

    1. From the Boards and Commission website, click on "Expiring" to see open positions
    2. Review the qualifications for membership (i.e. professional expertise, county of residence, etc.)
    3. Click on “Apply” and create an account
    4. Fill out the online application and click “Submit Application”
    5. Your application will be electronically filed with the board you have selected
    6. Follow up via phone/email with the contact associated with the board you applied for

    7. Let us know when you get appointed so we can give you a shout out on social media

  • Want to Serve on a Board or Commission? Apply today!

    Click on the appropriate link below and follow the instructions to apply.
    And don't forget, always follow up once your application is submitted.

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